Chris Chester is an ironman on the offensive line. He hasn’t missed an offensive snap since signing with the Washington Redskins in 201 on a 5-year, $20 Million contract. Chester recently celebrated his 100th career start on Monday Night Football against the Seahawks. A second-round draft pick in 2006 from the University of Oklahoma, he has played more than 3,680 consecutive plays.

Contract Negotiations

Chris Chester was a 2nd round pick in the 2006 NFL draft out of the University of Oklahoma. On the 29th of July 2011, 360 Sports negotiated a landmark 5-year, $20 million deal for Chester with the Washington Redskins.

Marketing & Endorsements

Chris Chester entered into an agreement with Dino Authentics where he would sell his own memorabilia and merchandise.

360 Sports also ensured that Chris Chester was able to have a relationship with Nike and has access to Nike products throughout his career. Chester prefers Nike products and is thankful that 360 Sports were able to accommodate his wishes.

Community Relations

Chris Chester really enjoys working with children and getting children to play football as a means to keep them happy and healthy.


As a leader on the Washington Redskins offense, Chris is always asked to participate in media interviews and to communicate with the media. Furthermore, in 2013, he attended the Super Bowl in New York City where he made numerous national radio, newspaper and internet interviews.

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