Contract Negotiation

Chris Chester Contract Negotiation
Chris Chester, OL, Redskins, is an ironman on the offensive line. A seasoned veteran, Chris has had more than 100 career starts and played in more than 3,680 consecutive plays. Recognized for his durability and gritty play, in July 2011, 360 Sports negotiated a landmark 5-year, $20 million deal for Chester with the Washington Redskins. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Chris was drafted in the 2nd round by the Ravens in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Marketing & Endorsements

Chris Chester entered into an agreement with Dino Authentics where he would sell his own memorabilia and merchandise.

Because of Chris’ stature in the game, he entered into an agreement with a memorabilia seller, where he sells his own memorabilia and merchandise. Additionally he has made paid appearances for businesses and groups seeking to meet Chris and hear about his NFL experiences. 360 Sports also negotiated a product endorsement with Nike, which includes a generous amount of Nike products of his choosing.

Chris Chester Marketing & Endorsements

Community Relations

Chris Chester Community Relations
A community-minded guy, Chris Chester gives freely his time and resources. Annually he donates his time at the Pro Football Camp to teach young kids proper football technique and share with them the character and hard work it took him to get to the NFL and have such a long career. Furthermore, Chris and his wife Kirbie, volunteer with the ReSet program. This program focuses on increasing knowledge about Science Technology Engineering and Math (aka STEM) to kids. Chris & Kirbie help underprivileged kids get excited about science, technology, engineering and math so that they are more likely to choose these as electives in high school or to possibly pursue a career in one of these fields.

Furthering his philanthropic ways, Chester donated $5,000 to the athletic department of Broken Bow High School, his wife’s high school in Oklahoma. Chester’s generous donation was matched by the NFL, which helped to fund a new locker room, weight room and equipment for Broken Bow’s athletic department. Chris also donated money to his alma mater, Tustin High School in California. The football team used the funds for new equipment, while the basketball team received new jerseys. It means a lot to Chris to be able to make a difference for those that helped him find personal and professional success. “I’m grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to give back to the people who have impacted my life,” Chris shared. “They were pivotal to the success I’ve enjoyed.”


As a leader on the Washington Redskins offense, Chris regularly participates in media interviews. Not shy with the media in 2013, he attended the Super Bowl in New York City where he made numerous national radio, newspaper and internet interviews on Media Row in the Super Bowl’s International Media Center.
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